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Information icon with QR code


Custom Text

Please enter your web site link here and your contact email address.
We will email a copy of your personal QR code for your approval.
Once approved we will manufacture your Information icon.

Information icon with QR code in silver or gold. Each icon can be etched with a your personalised QR code.

Your customers can easily scan the code and access your web site, restaurant menu or event details.

Product Description

Each Information icon is 100 x 50 x 3mm and is available in Clear with Gold or Clear with Silver.

24/7 information for your customers.

The icon can easily be attached to you business sign or shop front in seconds.

Made of clear acrylic with a silver or gold background.

Each personelised QR code has been reverse etched by laser making in totally weather proof and easy to clean.

Easily attached to your company sign, shop window or doorway giving potential customers the opportunity to scan the code and instantly access your web site, menu or event details.



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